Hummingbird Cupcakes


Delicious, light, sweet and juicy. I loved hummingbirds as a kid, because it was the lighter, sweeter version of my favourite the carrot cake. They are soft, sweet and delicious. The pineapple just bursts in and around your mouth, like heaven.


Now for the recipe;

Put the following ingredients into your food processor to make the dough.

1.5 medium sized Carrots – crated finely

1/4 Ripe Pineapple – skinned and cored

90g Dates

160g Coconut

Add Chopped nuts and dried fruit (of your choice) I used;

30g Walnuts

30g Almonds

30g Sultanas

sprinkle of cinnamon

10g ginger(soaked in warm water to remove sugar coating)

20mls Coconut oil

Mix together with a wooden spoon and divide into your silicon moulds and put in the freezer to set.

Make a delicious cashew cream to top it all off.

1/2 cup soaked cashews

2 tbs coconut milk

1 tbs vanilla

2 tbs maple syrup

blend on high in your blender and drizzle a little on top of your cakes

Top with slithered almonds, a pineapple slice and some cinnamon.



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