Tangy Lemon & Raspberry Lovecake

Its a lovecake because its not firm like a cheesecake, which is mostly cashews and coconut oil. This is a little bit foamy and almost moussy to eat with a delicious firm base.

Yes it still has cashews and a little coconut oil but more coconut cream to foam that baby up. Its delicious.

Its a lemon eat lemon world out there. Everybody loves them, the amount of times I get customers coming up to the red cedar table with ‘So what do you have that’s lemon….?’ Well here you go, I officially have 6 things with lemon now :).

Here’s the recipe.

Makes one brownie tin or 12 mini cheesecakes.

Firstly you will want to get your raspberry swirl going so it it ready when you need it.

Raspberry swirl

100g Raspberries

1 tbs maple

1 tbs water

Blend until smooth and set aside.


Blend all in the food processor until it forms a batter that sticks together. Then press into a brownie tray, lined with parchment paper.

150g desiccated coconut

150g Almond Meal

200g dates

50mls warm water

pinch of salt


300g cashews soaked – once soaked should equal about 350g

100ml coconut milk – tinned

250 ml lemon juice – I use Santa Cruz Organic Lemon

150ml Maple Syrup

70ml Coconut oil – melted

Blend it all in, leaving the coconut oil till last, in your high powered blender.

Once smooth and creamy, pour into the brownie tray and spread evenly.

Now with the Raspberry Swirl, get a spoon and spoon it out and randomly spread it around the lemon filling. It should be somewhat melted by now, so you may be able to pour it and then grab a toothpick, swirl it around in there to make hearts and other cool shapes. I like messy, unique, randomness when it comes to my desserts. If you don’t like that you can be more organized and make straight lines and stuff if you like.

Other than that, pop it in the freezer to freeze, then remove 2 hours later and cut with a hot knife and eat it!


Enjoy your lemoness!






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