Peanut Butter Chocolate Bliss Balls

Its funny every time I make something…A song comes to mind and its usually in my head while I’m ‘rawking’ this one just happened to be ♥Spread it like peanut butter jelly, do it like I owe you some money, money, money♥ always accompanied with a little dance ofcourse. Because when I’m rawking, I’m truely happy, it only took me what seemed like an eternity at meat munching restaurants, annoying(to say the least) cafe managers and unhappy, unappreciated and overworked staff, for me to figure out I needed to be in the kitchen, by myself, music blaring in my head and totally engulfed in treat creation. To figure out happiness was with me all along. Hours go by in a blink and time feels irrelevant. Anyways…the point is these peanut butter chocolate balls made me dance, and sing when I put them in my mouth. I used Brown Rice Syrup to sweeten because….I just wanted it to be completely fructose free. Can I just mention something, when you are shopping for peanut butter, it is so important to check the label of your peanut butter. Most have added sugar and lots of it. Peanut butter should have peanuts, salt and maybe a good quality oil…and always organic. Or just make your own.

dsc_0447The recipe for this one is as follows, throw everything into the food proccessor and blend until combined.

5 tbs PB

3 tbs Brown rice Syrup

1 1/4 cup of Almond Meal

1 tsn Maca

1 tsn water.

Drizzle with some Perfect Raw Chocolate or just eat them as is.

Makes about 10 – 30g bliss bombs



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