In love with Power Bars @ Fruits & Roots

See..whats happened here, is I’ve taken your everyday Brownie and Blondie, and turned them into the best power bars ever.

If you need a chocolate fix but you still want your protein, after work out ….or you don’t care about any of that and just want something that tastes good. Fruits and Roots is now fully stocked with Just Soul Food‘s Lime, Goji & Chocolate protein bar. Fully packed with hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, prunes, cranberries, goji berries. Also loaded with super foods such as Raw Cacao, Lucuma, Mesquite and delicious vanilla! * if you don’t know what these amazing super foods are that’s fine, you can find all the information about them on my website. Check it out.



If chocolate is not your thing, never fear! that’s where the Blondie power bar comes in, which is equally delicious and just as nutritious.


The Blondie is rich with Lucuma, which is a natural super food which has a caramelly white chocolate taste(all natural of course). I’ve also thrown in some pink lady apples, mandarin, cranberries and just a touch of lemon, with a delicious cashew and coconut sugar frosting.

Absolutely delicious, I urge you to try them! Take them with you and enjoy them anywhere you go.

P.s The Blondie Power Bar is my personal fave! try them.

Much love xx

Just Soul Food



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