K.I.S.S – Crunchy Buckwheat Granola

Keep It Simple Stupid – Granola for the tight timers, for those who are literally too busy to make granola themselves, I have a recipe for you! Now its the new year and we are trying to be as healthy as possible right? and keep up with all of our New years resolutions what ever they may be. Let’s give you some recipes that are going to help you achieve those goals, by keeping it simple and easy, so you have no excuses.

Ok it’s as simple as this;

wake up, eat breakfast; get ready for work, school, life, whatever you do in your day. Wait! before you walk out that door, put one cup of buckwheat grouts in a bowl and cover them with water…Ok you can leave now.

Now when you get home (roughly 6 hours later) grab those buckwheat groats; strain and wash them.

Put them back into the bowl and add;

3 tbs Maple

2 tbs Mesquite

1 tbs Raw Cacao

1 tsn Vanilla

Mix it all round and coat all the groats then spread evenly on a dehydrator tray lined with the flat tray, so the juices don’t run out. Dehydrate overnight and in the morning you will have yummy crunchy KISS Buckini Granola.

Enjoy and happy healthy new year to you all.



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