Rummy Rum Balls

Yummmy RUM Balls!!

I mean I was the main culprit every Christmas, when mum would scream “who ate all the rum balls!??’….that was me, it was always me. They were just so good, but so bad and I reakon they were 100% the reason why every Christmas I gained a few. So my main mission here, was to make a rum ball so healthy but still taste like my naughty little Christmas treat, that I can eat at any time of the year.

Firstly, find a rum or alcohol of choice that you like, Spiced Captain Morgans , Appletons, Almond baileys. Something tasty because this recipe will work perfectly with any alcohol.

Soak 170g of dates in 25mls of rum, overnight if possible. You really want the dates to absorb the rum completely.

Grind up into a fine powder,

100g Desiccated Coconut

160g Almonds

35g Raw Cacao powder

pinch of salt

In your food processor throw in your dates and 50mls of warm water. Blend until smooth and creamy, (when you cant see anymore chunks of date – its done)

Add your dry ingredients to the food processor and blend until combined.

Move to a bowl and add

70g whole Sultanas – you can soak in rum too if you like 😉

and fold the sultanas in with your hands or a wooden spoon, once combined roll into little balls and roll in coconut and set in the fridge or eat straight away.

Enjoy my tasty, little vice in life.









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