Orange & Cranberry Christmas Pudding

dsc_0017These little guys were a learning curve within themselves but I loved every minute of it. The glaze is a challenge because its very temperature dependent, so I just dipped them a few times, but oh my god are they to die for.

There’s a fair bit of prep for these and I like to do everything before so I can just throw it all together.

Grab 300g of Dates and soak in the zest and juice of 1 organic orange(zesting first people) and 1 10g thumb of ginger, finely grated. Mix in well and let sit.

Now we are going to chop up;

60g Raisins

130g Cranberries

80g Figs

and soak in a bowl with 1 tbs Rum, 1 tsn Vanilla and 1 tsn lime juice

Now we are going to finely chop the nuts, you can pulse in your food processor but I like to chop them myself.

80g Walnuts

30g Hazelnuts

30g Brazil Nuts

50g Almonds

Put all in a bowl and set aside.

In a separate bowl add

220g Almond Meal (or ground up whole almonds)

180g Desiccated Coconut or coconut flour

1 tsn Cinnamon

1 pinch of Salt

1/2 tsn Pumpkin Spice

1/4 flaxmeal

1tbs Physillium husk

mix together with a wooden spoon, add your chopped up dried fruit to the mix, stir and set aside.

In your food processor add your soaked dates and juice along with

1/2 coconut oil

1/4 cup Maple

and blend until creamy, then transfer to your bowl with the dry ingredients and mix together with you wooden spoon/hands. Once combined, add your nuts and continue to mix until you have a nice dough.

Find a Christmas pudding mold, I used a little container and lined it with a little cling film.

Then I squished about 80g of mixture into the container and used the cling film to get it out easily. I then set on the dehydrator sheet. If you don’t have a dehydrator you can use your oven on the lowest setting for about 1 hour(checking regularly) I dehydrated mine for about 3 hours, just until they were firm enough for me to pick up without changing shape, because you still want these to be moist on the inside, because they wont be cooked.

Once dehydrated put in the freezer to cool while you make your Orange Glaze.

Using a double boiling method add

50mls Maple

100ml Coconut oil

4 tbs Coconut milk(solid)

4 drops of orange essential oil(if you dont have then add 25ml of orange juice and pinch of zest.

Combine and put into a cool bowl, the mixture needs to cool and be glossy before you can dip the puddings, as it will just come off clear. Once it is creamy and glossy(sometimes you can blend it quickly and it will do this faster) you can dip the puddings and sprinkle with some orange zest and a cranberry. Or whatever you like.

This recipe will make about 18 80g puddings or less if you make them bigger 🙂







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