Just Soul Food @ M.A.D Chocolates

madM.A.D Chocolates! what a incredibly talented duo these two beauties are, rocking the chocolate world in Powell River.

Jeannie approached me with an interest in my treats as her clients often do ask about raw chocolate. Raw Chocolate is a beautiful thing, its soft and melts in your mouth. You can taste the flavours immediately, it makes you feel happy inside and sometimes you just forget about life for a minute, and lose yourself in what you are eating.



Anyways, blab cut short M.A.D Chocolates and Just Soul Food are teaming up as Jeannie wants to supply Powell River with a raw selection of treats, as well as her own decadent chocolates. M.A.D chocolates will have a selection of 4 treats available. Your favourite Salted Almond Butter Cups, Tiramisu Cookies, Lemon Wagon Wheels(my favourite) and for the Christmas season only Cranberry and Orange Christmas Pudding. All Raw, Vegan, Gluten Free and Refined Sugar Free. YAY!!!

Loving the support from the Local people in Powell River.
Make sure you go and visit the girls over in M.A.D Chocolates on Cranberry.







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