Raspberry Rose Wheels @ Fruits & Roots

dsc_0690You see I have these ‘guinea pigs’, my ‘treat tasting guinea pigs’ I call them. I love them, they are honest and have keen, intricate, taste buds. They wont just tell me that ‘this is the best thing they have ever tasted’ to everything.

I’ve come to accept that my taste buds are a little weird now and after tasting the batch a few times, it all goes out the window and I’m not really sure if anything I have done to the mixture has really changed it at all. So I rely on them to tell me the truth about my treats.

So when I very nervously brought these little treats to my guinea pigs, I wasn’t expecting the reaction I got. ‘I feel like these might be my favourite of them all’ says one. The other 3 say nothing, just a slight head nod. As if too say anything, would take away from the pure pleasure of what was going on in their mouths. Success! They are a hit!

Vanilla cashew, coconut cream and raspberry rose chia jam. Sandwiched between 2 sunflower, coconut cookies and dipped in raw vegan chocolate.

These little morsels can be found at Fruits and Roots Juice Bar on Alberni in Powell River. Go and get them!

I’m sorry I can’t give you the recipe to these ones, because they are unique to Fruits and Roots.


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