Tahini Fudge Dipped in..you guessed it Dark Chocolate!

DSC_0510Nutfree – Raw – Vegan – Refined Sugar Free – Gluten Free and tasty AF! This one was actually just meant for me. I was being ‘chocolate greedy’ one day and made myself some fudge, full well knowing no-one else was ever going to see or taste it. So I put all my favourite things in there and mixed it all up in the blender and ate it….over the course of 2 months, but still my fudge. When it came to the last two pieces. I shared them with Stu and he was like “OMG what is this??? and why have I not had it before?’. Then my secret was no longer a secret, its now my best seller, with people buying 6-10 pieces at a time and customers are generally upset when I don’t have enough for everyone.


So I’m going to share this one. I’m hopefully going to experiment with a coffee infused fudge soon – be patient for that recipe.

Stick all of this in your food processor and blend on high until combined, scraping the sides regularly.

1 cup dates – softened

1/2 tbs Vanilla

110g Tahini

170g Brown Rice Syrup

45g Raw Cacao

25g Mesquite

Pinch of Salt

Line a small square baking tray with cling film and pour your gooey mixture in and freeze until set which could be from 3 hours to over night. I freeze over night so it is easier to dip.

Dipping chocolate

1 cup of Coconut Oil

3/4 cup Raw Cacao

1/3 Maple

1 tsp vanilla

Cut into small pieces with a wet sharp knife and dip into the Raw chocolate and lay on another lined baking tray to then freeze again.

Enjoy these little devilish creations.




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