Maple Glazed Donuts

I love donuts! Always have. But when I found out I was a Glu-tard (gluten intolerant) well that was the end of my love for donuts. It was easier to forget about them, then to keep hurting myself, trying to eat them.

I used to love the cinnamon dusted, the maple creams, the double chocolates. I mean this was a long time ago, when I was 16 that I last had them. So making this recipe excited me so much, I didn’t even get to the dehydration point. Thus decided to keep them as raw as they look here. Because they tasted delicious just the way they were.


So the recipe is as follows

1 cup soaked Buckwheat Grouts for about 20 mins (rinsed & drained)

3/4 cup of dates

1 tbs Almond Butter

2 tbs Mesquite

2 tbs Maple Syrup

1 tsn Vanilla

1/8 tsn Cinnamon

Blended in your food processor until the buckwheat has broken down to batter consistency.

If you have a dehydrator, then by all means dehydrate them, for atleast 6 hours.

Other wise I rolled them into little balls and squished them flat then poked a hole in the middle with my little finger, to make them look like baby donuts 🙂

Maple Glaze;

I used;

1/4 melted Cacao Butter

2 tbs Maple syrup

Blended in my tiny blender, transferred the mixture to a small bowl, and dipped the donuts, face down.

The mixture hardens quickly if your maple syrup is cold, be mindful of that.







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