Lemony Roasted Cashew and Coconut Creme Wagon Wheels!

What a pleasant surprise these little guys turned into!

As with most of my dessert ideas, I start off with an idea…and it turns into something on the complete other end of the healthy treat spectrum. But still loosely holding on to the original idea, just with a weird but ultimately funky twist and…..Whella!

You get…Tangy lemon & roasted cashew RAW WAGON WHEELS, filled with creamy cashew and coconut creme, covered in the best German Chocolate known to man kind!!!

This little imagination of mine leads me to create such weird little morsels of greatness sometimes. These ones turned out to be oh so amazing! So amazing that my sister ate….almost all of them. I almost fought her for the last one, I know I would have won….had we actually been subjected to a dual for it. But I knew I had eaten many in the creation process so it only seemed fair to give it to her. Plus I can always make them again, if only I could remember the exact recipe.

I seriously can’t though….

So this post isn’t about sharing another cool recipe for you to try at home, but more of an encouragement to get creative in the kitchen. Use your taste buds and your own flavour combinations and create something awesome. Don’t follow someone else recipes..make your own. Use spices, herbs, infuse your dried fruits with fruit juice or tea.

Soak your almonds in maple syrup infused water, then toast lightly to get a crunchy candied nut, then blend into your almond meal to use as the base of your treat.

Do something different and create flavour! I’m noticing all to often the use of just the same old ingredients over and over again. Its boring now, spice it up a bit and use some flavour in there! Mix and match and combine different things, try something new….it may turn out awesome or it may suck.

Guys, there’s so much more we can create in the Raw Vegan, Sugar Free, Gluten Free world! Let’s start creating something new and exciting!!

Get creating!!!! Don’t forget the most important ingredient though….Love!

Always be proud of your creations!

Much love

Paula xx




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