You can change this world

I want you to ask questions, just don’t ask me the same question more than once.

I want you to make mistakes, just don’t make the same mistake twice.

I want you to fuck up, because I need you to learn from your mistakes.

I need you to learn, because I also want you to teach me, what I have not yet learnt.

I also want to teach you, but on the condition that you also learn to teach yourself.

You must learn to teach so you can teach the others.

Learn not to preach, force, tell, convince, push and inform your new found knowledge, because it will on fall upon deaf ears and closed minds.

Learn to teach with love and support by simply sharing, showing, seducing, inviting, transforming, inspiring, enticing. For you will find minds will no longer be sealed shut, but naturally open wide, upon the sound of your voice.

I need you to share your knowledge with love.

Because I need you to become great, as great as you can be, because greatness thrives on growth. And when we are great, we inspire and inspiration is what this generation thrives on.

We need inspiration to be greater than what we perceive ourselves to be. To believe in ourselves and others.

We can change this world to suit be better for us…to save us…



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