Strawberry Hazelnut Chocolate Bombs

Its STRAWBERRY SEASON here in Aussie land. So basically there is too many strawberries for me to eat on my own. So I’m trying every different strawberry combination I can possibly think of. This one is Gluten free, Vegan and Refined Sugar Free.

This one I was thinking of those strawberry Lindt balls and trying to re-create my own healthy superfood version. But not skimping on any decadence at all!! because I don’t like missing out, infact you could probably say I have a pretty bad case of FOMO especially when it comes to food.

Anyways, give this one a try…It made about 30 balls or more so plenty for your friends or just you.

Dry ingredients;

500g Hazelnut meal

1 cup Linseed meal

200g of Raw Dark Chocolate shards (or chocolate of your choice)

1.5 cups of desiccated Coconut

80g Raw Cacao

Wet ingredients; Blend all of your wet ingredients together till a smooth creamy consistency.

Loads of Strawberries (I think it was maybe like 500g or more)

3 Tbs of Coconut oil

400g dates

Mix everything together.

Divide into 40g balls and roll in a little bit of coconut and a teaspoon of cacao.

Refrigerate and eat them!!



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