Plant based proteins

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Gorillas didn’t get their super human strength drinking whey protein.

Just like Hippos, Rhinos, Elephants and Gorillas, you absolutely can obtain an ample amount of protein from plants!

Plant foods such as whole grains, whole foods, seeds, eggs, fish, nuts, oils, legumes and vegetables. These all have amazing levels of protein and are processed in the body 1000 times easier than a filet of steak, a slice of cheese or a whey protein shake.

Lets focus more on whey protein. It comes from cows as whey is another word for milk, powdered milk. If your dairy intolerant you can’t drink whey protein and it will not help you with your protein intake.
In many cases males in particular do not know this and are still taking it before and after a work out which is then rendering all their hard work and effort at the gym….pointless.

Recent conversations has led me to write about plant based proteins and how important the switch over can be for you.

Guys, if when you drink whey protein, your guts turn upside down or you feel abnormally tired or dehydrated after your work out. That’s not normal. Your body doesn’t like it and its probably doing more harm than good. When your cells are trying to replenish to become stronger, and your creating a mortal combat scene in your stomach with whey protein because that’s what you have been taught, that’s not ok and it doesn’t need to be that way.

Whats interesting is, that when you purchase any protein powder, the store clerk probably gives less than two shits about you and your goals. He gets commission on what he sells, or is on a base wage and DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU! He will basically tell you it has this many grams of protein per 100g of product. Which to you seems like ‘shit yea that’s what I need, bulk protein!’

Stop right there! ask him whats in it….if he has to turn it around and questionably read the ingredients to you with poor pronunciation, because lets face it you, nor I can pronounce them either. Then say Noooo thank you!

Your body is only going to absorb as much protein as it needs and get rid of the rest. So expensive protein powders with 50g of protein per 100g, (which is a average medium sized males recommended DAILY intake) when you body only requires, 15 or 20g per meal seems like a huge waste and expensive piss.

Listen to how your body tells you what it does and doesn’t want. If you think whey protein isn’t for you because of how your body reacts to it then maybe try something else.

There’s plenty of really good organic products out there. Pea protein blends or brown rice protein they all come in different flavours, not just chocolate and vanilla. Or something completely different again. Hemp protein has been proven to be one of the best plant based sources of protein out there.

Try eating whole foods and really look at your eating. If your eating too much protein it can actually be harmful to you. Too much protein can cause dehydration, osteoporosis, low energy levels, mood swings, gastro issues and deficiencies by lack of other vital nutrients.

Please don’t forget about all the other nutrients your body needs to grow and be a healthy functioning body. But I don’t know how to cook you say? that’s ok!

I have access to some whole food supplements that can help you get all the nutrients you need daily without expensive protein powders. That comes with a Facebook support group with recipes, stories and articles with interesting health facts! Making your journey to a more awesome version of you, that much easier!

If you want to find out more, ask me and I will give you all the information so you can decide for yourself if they are what you need to achieve your health goals.

How important your health goals are, is defined by the effort you put into making sure you do it right by your body.


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