Winters coming! I need more Vitamin D!


Winters coming for those of us in the southern hemisphere! Where am I going to get my Vitamin D?!

Vitamin D, one of those vitamins we know are vital yet we are so afraid of the process of getting a good dose of it!

The sun, society is so afraid of the sun because its been fed into us the sun = cancer.

Haha so wrong. The sun is not bad for you. Not getting vitamin D is bad for you!

Vitamin D deficiency is one of the worst deficiencies known to man kind. It can cause depression, anxiety and other mental disorders.
Vitamin D is essential for strong bones so without it, it can cause bone disease and deformities. So all that milk and plant sources of calcium your trying to get into your body for strong bones is going to do nothing!!!

Eating foods rich in vitamin D are the best ways over the winter to get your daily dose. So eating foods like oily fish for example salmon and swordfish, cod liver oil and portobello mushrooms are all really rich in vitamin D.

Alternatively if you don’t like any of those foods that’s fine.
I have some other options for you. I have a shake and capsules available to you that have blended and dehydrated portobello mushrooms in it! Along with a whole bunch of fruits and vegetables to start your day nutritiously. Boom vitamin D for breakfast! couldn’t imagine a better way to start the day. *Ask me for more information on getting your hands on these.

I might also mention that the sun is not a killer! He is the provider of life and essential vitamins don’t be scared of him. He makes you happy.

You know what does give you cancer though? Chemicals on your skin from the outside world! The products you use everyday and the food you put into your body. Our skin is our biggest organ and our purest. So all these chemicals going in, are going to rest and settle in our organs and our skin. So when the sun hits your skin, the chemicals react and boom! cancer starts! Does that make sense to you? makes sense to me.

There are many ways to clean your skin of these chemicals and really enjoy the sun and reap his benefits.

This one I wholeheartedly stand by, you can make at home, its easy.

Vodka and baking soda. Mix it together and make a paste, rub it all over your body while your in the shower. Feel the tingle and wash off. Do this regularly! Then notice your skin feel clean and odourless. Then go out in the sun and watch! You won’t burn, but your skin will be clean enough to absorb all the vitamin D you need and glow forever!

*contact me to know more about my wholefood supplements and health products containing vitamin D

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Lots of love Paula



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