Nutritional Content

How many calories vs kilojoules? How much energy will it give me? is that too much for one meal? how many carbs are in it? I don’t want to have to many carbs.. carbs are bad right? How much fat is in it? How’s the sugar content? whats all these percentages? What does RDI mean? Why are these damn things so hard to understand??

I bet this is whats going through your head when you look at this little square of so called ‘Nutritional information’.
am I right? Right! Stop looking at that stupid box and trying to analyse whether its good for you or not.

Why? because no information in this box is overly important. Whats important is whats actually in the box that you are holding!
Read the ingredients! But also remember that real food doesn’t have ingredients, fillers, numbers and other bullshit. It has food, like real stuff, thats living and grows. Not made in a lab in china tested on living beings.

Ok lets start with how to read your ingredients list.

Ingredient number 1, is the ingredient which the product mainly consists of, roughly 70%.
The last ingredient on the list will have the least amount.
If you aren’t looking at an organic product, you will see preservatives and other random numbers in brackets here.
If you are looking at an organic product you may see citric acid or salt here.
So general rule, highest to lowest in content.

Next highlighted words such as WHEAT, NUTS, SOY are for those of us with allergies to pay attention to.
When you first look at the ingredients list, if the first ingredient is Sugar or 4 different types of flour….put it down and walk away.
Flour in general isn’t the worst thing for you, its the process and chemicals that are used in order to grow and produce this flour that is.

Sugar, well is sugar. We don’t actually need it. Which brings me to the percentages next to the Nutrients in the box.
Notice as you look down they will all have a percentage as a Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) but what a SURPRISE when you get to sugar. there is no RDI percentage.

Why is that you ask? Because our bodies do not require sugar in order to function and keep us healthy. In actual fact it does the reverse. It inhibits your body from functioning properly and will very much so, strongly assist your body to become unhealthy.

The food industry has caught on to the fact that we know this now.
Those sneaky little muppets will use many different names for plain old, straight up sugar. Fructose, Glucose, dextrose, sucrose, palm sugar, maltodextrine, castor sugar, raw sugar, agave, honey, artificial sweetener etc.
Doesn’t matter what you call it, we aren’t stupid! it does the exact same thing in our bodies and that is what we are trying to avoid.

Kilajouls and calories this is bullshit! Can I just say no body should count calories ever! If you are hungry, feed your body. Please don’t deprive it of the nutrients its asking you for.
Your body will ask for a certain amount of energy everyday in order to survive.
To feed your brain so you can think clearly, your organs so they can function accurately, your cells to help them regenerate and stay healthy, your heart! so it can pump blood through your body! When you cut down calories, you cut your body performance by the exact same percentage as the food you have taken from it.

But if you eat when you are not hungry then you probably don’t need it, you just want it. There is a difference!

Also when you start to feel hunger coming on, drink 2 big glasses of water. Wait 5 minutes, if you are still hungry, then eat something.
Thirst can sometimes mimic hunger. Therefor you feed when you are actually thirsty. Keep hydrated people! drink plenty of water and you’ll probably eat less. Also your skin will look awesome and fresh!!

Your body needs water and I bet all of you are now thinking, ‘Man, yea I need to drink more water, I know I don’t drink enough’
If you knew the role that water plays in our bodies….you wouldn’t stop drinking it.

Last but not least where has this particular product come from? China? don’t eat it! The states? I probably wouldn’t eat that either.
less that 4 hours drive from me? Sure. Local, you know its gunna be somewhat fresh and not been in storage, frozen or traveled grave distances to get to you. Plus your supporting your country, your farmers, your community!

The rest is up to you.

Happy reading!


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