Can anyone really handle me?


Maybe some women aren’t meant to be tamed.
I know I’m one of these women, but I also know I fit somewhere in someones heart.
I know if they can handle me, we can share a beautiful life together.

But can anyone really handle me?
There isn’t exactly a ‘how to’ guide book on amazon.

I’m courageous, confident, brave, dedicated, motivated, capable, inspiring, independent, brutally honest and have a undying desire for authenticity within my soul.

Can any man deal with these traits and see those that also hide within himself?

I can’t hide from myself, I need to shine.
I need someone to support these traits in me, and encourage me to shine brighter!
I need to know that I can be myself with and without him.
I need to know that I am always here and I will always be present.
I will always be growing and thriving to achieve a better reflection of myself.

I will be stubborn, problematic, indecisive, resistant, and possess a strong desire to rebel.
I will always be right, even when I’m wrong I will still be right.
I am a woman after all.

I will be the biggest pain in the ass and your greatest victory all at once.
I will be a challenge, but I can promise you in the end it will all be ok.

I will bring out emotions in you, you never thought you had.
I will make you question everything you believe in, even yourself.

We will live for today because tomorrow is a question of whether we see it or not.

Besides the rollercoaster ride you will endure everyday with me,
You will be happy to accept my challenges and challenge me back ten fold.

We will live and be wild together for as long as we desire to walk free together,
There will be ups and downs, I will promise you that.
But we will be strong.
I will resist you at every chance I get, because this is in my nature,
to fight and never surrender.

I will always be a challenge.
I am a woman that needs to be handled,
not tamed.

Because I know deep down,
I was raised feral,
and I will mostly stay that way.

Although I can’t be tamed,
you can run wild with me.


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