How do you feel about travel?


Travel is not a way of life for me anymore, its just one part of it.

I’ve been traveling since I was 18, I spent my entire early mid and late 20’s living from a suitcase. Which means just shy of a decade I’ve been roaming this earth for something new.

I started expressing myself through travel and meeting new people and experiencing new places from the age of 16, I left school early, yea I didn’t finish! and I’m smarter for it!
I knew from a young age there was a bigger picture waiting for me, because school and work life wasn’t for me, I couldn’t grasp happiness and what it truly meant to feel it.
So I set out on a mission to find what it was.

For 9 years I travelled solo from place to place, trying new things I’d never done and putting myself in situations I’d never been before and you know what? it made me who I am today.

I met some of the greatest people, who became my closest friends and the people who have witnessed me grow up. Growing up on the road had its up and downs but I learnt more about myself than what I ever learnt in my years in school or work life.

I learnt the value of life, the value of family, the value of staying true to myself and I experienced first hand the unbelievably excruciating desire to search for something bigger and better. I learnt appreciation and gratitude for what I was so luckily born into. Most don’t even have clean water, a bed to rest or a home to feel safe.

My life for 10 years consisted of a constant feeling like I was searching for where I was going to call home. I forced myself to always adapt to my surroundings, to fit in where ever possible, to be a chameleon of the human kind and learn to just go with whatever happens. Because I can’t control it and I shouldn’t control it because that’s not why I’m doing this. I’m doing this to see how I, as a person respond to different situations I put myself in and how to truly understand how I work. This is what I wanted and I loved it.
But I have officially become tired. My way of life at this point in time is utterly exhausting. Its almost become a burden to have this travel bug so ingrained in my blood.

I’ve realised other things can be, and have become more important.

I’ve never owned an appliance. I’ve never been in the position to own a house or create a home, I’ve always had to look inside for my home and where I feel safe and secure in my own comfort zone. I’ve never been able to own any piece of art work, I really found peace in because there was always the thought of where would I keep it? or can I take it with me?

I’ve ruined relationships because the bug raised his hungry head and drove me to another unknown destination in search of adventure and forcing me to leave love behind for more meaning in life.

I’m not saying I no longer want to travel. Travel and experiencing new people and finding new places, new sports will always be apart of me.

But I’m taking a different approach to it now.

I’ve reached the point in my life, where I am settled in my place I know where I am and have a sense of reason to my life other than to just roam freely.
I used to be so head strong with encouraging travel in young people. Which I still am! I whole heartedly believe that in your early 20’s you should absolutely travel abroad for a few years. You will learn and experience the world in a whole other dimension and the meaning of life will become clearer everyday.

But when you reach this day where the thought of packing up your belongings for the thousandth time and jet setting to the other side of the unknown, doesn’t excite you the way it used too…then there is absolutely no harm in staying exactly where you are.

Life is about being happy. If where you are makes you happy, then why leave?

I still want to travel and the desire swims so wildly in my veins, but I see a different side of myself I want to embrace.

I want to travel with my family and start my own one day. I want to have weekends away with my dearest friends, every weekend. I want to have a juicer! I want to own a comfortable car not a shit box. I want to be able to buy a painting with my favourite sunset because it truly brings me joy just looking at it every day. I want to sit at home and write about stuff. I want the spontaneity of seeing where a normal life takes me. I want to live 100% in the peace of what I choose to surround me, every moment of everyday.

Travel is always something you should do, but I’m saying there are many different ways and times to travel in your life.
Its just deciding how you want to live your life at this currently time, and really honour how you feel.
If you don’t wanna go, don’t just because you always have, or because you feel you should. Go because you really want to.

If you don’t want to, then just stay where you are.

There is always new places to explore, sometimes right under your nose.



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