Saved me from myself!

It successfully put an abrupt holt to my mind going into ‘must self destruct’ mode and brought it into ‘hello world, come at me!’ mode. If your head functions even 30% the same way as mine. You will benefit from owning and actively using a journal.
I found it helped most when I experienced CONFUSION – Uncertainty – ANGER – sadness –  Anxiety – extreme happiness – Ideas! so many IDEAS!

Does your head start with a simple thought and slippery dips into a whole other realm of madness within the space of a minute.
Having troubles sleeping because your mind WILL NOT STOP thinking. Thinking about what is? how does this work? Why do I feel this way? What do I have to do tomorrow? What I didn’t do today? How am I going to pay this? What am I doing with my life? Don’t forget to call this person! fuck I forgot to pick up that stupid parcel, thats been at the post office for over a month. They’ll send it back soon. Or anything else that goes on in your mind.

THINKING! our brains are always firing off thoughts because we can’t file them properly on our own. We’ve made our lives so busy and jam packed with thoughts, errands and things to do. Our minds don’t know how to stop because we have trained it to always be doing or thinking about something. Having said that we actually only use about 10% of our brain on doing, moving, breathing, eating, all that stuff we do everyday without actually thinking. The other 90% is the unused power of our mind, which can be opened and utilised as our being, our true self.

Now please trust me on this one, Journally will help you!
I have recommended journalling to so many of my friends and they always come back with solutions to their problems or simply stating it definitely helped them figure out what was going on and understand why they were feeling a certain way. They were able to put the situation as a whole into perspective and solve it!

There’s something about putting a pen to paper and expressing an emotion or a thought your having trouble with. The mind alone can not deal and sort all of your thoughts on its own.

It doesn’t even need to be a nice book, it can be a scrappy note book for all I care as long as it has paper you can right on.

I, myself was doing so much journalling I really wanted something that I was connected to because I was seeing such great results with it. So I had this one made up by Stitch and button in Eumundi. So now I want to write all the time, which effectively gives me a pretty clear mind now! Which I totally love.

How do you do it? Do I just write stuff?
YES! you just write down what ever is going on in your head. What ever comes out! Next time your feeling particularly overwhelmed, or angry or confused or just plain upset. Grab your journal and right it all out. You will be surprised at what actually happens. If you feel the need to read it back to yourself to get some clarity on the situation (or just to confirm how messed up you are) go for it!. But I just like to write it down so its out of my head and then I leave it there, on the paper.

You can use it when you are angry at someone. Write down all the things you wanna say to them, without actually saying them and the anger disintegrates. I don’t think about it anymore because by some miracle, writing that thought or those thoughts down, removes them from my brain. So I can live in the now and not perform a slow and painful self destruction execution on myself.

You may even find out a few secrets about yourself that, even you didn’t know.

Write and discover a whole different side of yourself!

Just another thought, Paula


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