Just Be Yourself!


Are you just a little bit wacked out and a little crazy, maybe a little bit too full on for the general population?

Maybe you think you’re a little bit weird, too dorky, quirky, too honest, too outspoken or just don’t fit into your everyday mould of a human being?
Are you the type of person, that is dedicated to a cause/charity or passionate about something that drives you to do crazy things, no one else has heard of?
Do you dance, even though deep down you know you really can’t? Because you know that, people who judge you, are really just wishing they had the courage to dance like you and not notice the people giggling!
Then man, am I glad I found you! Life would be boring without people like us!

If I have learnt one thing, it would be that, what people resist is something in themselves they know exists and are too afraid to show, or it may be something they kinda secretly wish they had.
If every photo of you comes out horrible, take it one further. Pull a face like you meant it, and take up photography!
If you have the gift of the gab and can sell a car to a car-sales men and get a real conversation out of them at the same time. Then get into marketing!
If you have the ability to turn scrap metal into a beautiful work of art? Then buy an old corvette and unleash your talent!
If you have the knowledge to make a difference in peoples lives, then please say something!

Please don’t hide who you are, show the world the real you! Not who people want you to be.
Because at the end of the day, you are the person you spend 100% of your time with, and wouldn’t that make your time, so much more enjoyable if you were just so happy with being you.

Not everyone is going to be by your side the whole way.

Not everyone is going to believe in you.

The most important thing is that you believe in you. Not just your capabilities or what you know, but believe that you have the strength in you to be who ever you want and shrug off any negativity that gets thrown at you along the journey.

So what if someone doesn’t like what you’ve created or something personal about you. The next person might and probably will.

I once had someone tell me, when I was a whole lot younger and had the insecurities of a 13 year old.
‘I hate it when you laugh’ he said.
That was by far the worst thing anyone has ever said to me. It sent me in a downward spiral of questioning myself and who I was. Because if this stupid person didn’t like my laugh, then why would anyone else. No two laughs are the same, and my laugh is a direct reflection of me and who I am.

I know most of you have heard my laugh. But some of you haven’t. My laugh is one of the things I’m known for. You always know when I’m within 50m of you. Some people have said my laugh makes them laugh! Which I think is one of the best compliments ever! I have the gift of laughter and happiness!

Your worth, is the most valuable to yourself. if you see it and embrace it others will begin to feel it, and so the ripple effect begins.

Believe in yourself and who you are, by just being yourself. Because these footprints, these fingerprints are yours and yours alone. Know one else in this universe has them. They are uniquely yours…so run wild with them!


Another note, by Paula

1st photo taken by Ryan Nadeau


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