Wrinkles are just little lines of where a smile has been

Ladies, as women it is our birth right to be beautiful and every one of us is just that! We just have to believe it. You are a woman there for, you are beautiful.

Did you know that no one actually notices those, tiny ‘imperfections’ you obsess over, unless you mention them? Did you know, they didn’t actually exist until you started looking for them. As soon as you start looking for something to be wrong with you….it will appear. You are creating it by worrying about it. Worrying about it acknowledges it within you, and brings it to life.

I find it fascinating that women of all ages are crashing down on there looks,(myself included) worrying about having some sort of control of the ageing process or their size. It has been this way since the start of time.
Who is to say, because you are not the same size as the next girl, that your not just as beautiful? Who said that you have to look a certain way in order to be accepted into society. I know a lot of skinny people, they are not strong..some can’t even lift their own body weight. Skinny doesn’t mean successful nor does skinny mean failure. Skinny means nothing!

I know a lot of large people too….some so successful and rich…you would have never known they had 5 holiday homes, 2 boats and run 3 successful businesses. But then who’s to say money is success?

I know this gorgeous man, big, strong and so attractive I couldn’t talk to him when i first met him.
I actually ran to the other side of the bar to avoid him, i was so intimidated. After some serious contemplating and a whole lot of confidence building I returned to talk to him.
After about 15 mins of talking to him, it came to my attention he was totally reliant on his looks, to get him anywhere in life. His looks were his everything. He had no worldly knowledge, no actual life experience.
He thought honey came from trees, Canada was located some where near Antarctica…that type of thing.
He had no personality and was so caught up on how he looked that, he had not come to realise what life is actually about.
As a result it consumed him and his looks were his life. He had never lived or learnt anything of actual meaning. He was always striving to look better because, in his mind he believed, physical strength and looking a certain way made him desirable.

My Sister, my life teacher once told me, ‘Paula, you do know there is more to you than your physical self? You may not look the way you used to, or the way you want too but YOU are more important than your appearance’

We all know the saying, don’t judge a book by its cover and I want to add some to that. We are good at not judging others now. But as a result we judge ourselves more now than ever before.

As we grow up, it is a worldly ASSUMPTION that we know how to love and care about ourselves. We are expected to automatically know how to look after ourselves, and not rely on our parents love, to keep us alive and happy.  Many of us will grow up, never actually knowing how to accept ourselves. As a result of this, we currently aren’t giving ourselves enough of the praise and love we need in order to thrive. Which means the next generation is in trouble! if we can’t love ourselves properly? Whose going to show them how to love themselves???

We need to challenge and accept our body and minds abilities. To be amazing, we have to accept, and not judge all the little things we don’t like about ourselves and start loving every little bit of our existence.

We are all different, are bodies are made up differently and that super tall skinny girl, really wants a butt and that banging booty girl doesn’t want hers. Someones trash is anothers treasure. Please think about it next time you look in the mirror and judge yourself.
What you think about yourself, isn’t necessarily how other people see you, and the people that do…fuck them you don’t want them in your life.

We are trying to achieve ultimate peace with our bodies. No one else gives a shit if you got wrinkles or not.
I don’t see wrinkles as a sign of age or time. I see wrinkles as a sign of beauty. A sign you’ve actually laughed a little in your life, you’ve probably travelled the world, you’ve seen some sunrises and sunsets. You’ve had some hard times, where stress is prominent in your life. You probably raised some kids and lost many nights of sleep feeding babies, or creating stories to tell those babies.
But you’ll find there are years of wisdom embedded in those wrinkles!

Would you judge your best friend on how they look or what they do for a living? No? then why do you do that to yourself? Treat yourself with respect and love, because you are the greatest thing you will ever own. Your abilities exceed far more, than your expectations of yourself. You just have to believe you can do anything you want.

So the sooner you fall in love with the way you look and who you are, you can start focusing on the real things in life. The beautiful thing is, as a by-product of loving yourself – you become more beautiful everyday and that is what you want people to see.…because being beautiful is, believing you are!

When we realise NEGATIVE reinforcement doesn’t work and POSITIVE reinforcement does, you CAN tell yourself; you are awesome, because you are!  Tell yourself you are loved, because you are! Tell yourself you can do anything, because you can! When you believe it, it rings true through your entire body and soul.

Just a thought, Paula xx


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