Unconditional love….



When I think about love, I really don’t know where to start. How do I explain my thoughts on love? How does anyone really explain such a potentially complicated emotion, that varies from person to person.

There are many different ways to love.

You can love your dad for teaching you strength in  times of hardship. Teaching you the meaning of life and the circle that revolves around it.  How easily it can be taken by anyone or any thing. You can love him for showing you to do the right thing and how to put an animal out of its misery with his bare hands. For teaching you, patience with children and how to earn their respect. Although you know nothing about how they work or what would possess the little demons to do what they do, but you once were one, so some how, you have to be able to relate to their madness.  My dad always said ‘Love, you just gotta do what you want, its your life’. I love him.

You can love your best friend, to the point where you miss them everyday your apart. Your ears tingle when they laugh. You near drop your phone trying to answer their call because you can’t wait to hear what they have to say. You call them when anything happens…anything, like you dropped your phone in the toilet… they are the first person you tell. You never keep secrets from them, not even the real messed up ones. You hate and love all of the things that annoy you about them. You only want the best for them and if someone ever hurt them….you’d be there as quick as a monkey fuck to be by their side and either, crack the tequila or plot revenge. I love my best friend.

You can love your favourite dress. Because every time you wear it out, you find your next squeeze 😉 and it fits you so perfectly around your boobs ,waist and butt. Even if you gained a few in winter, it’ll still fit you in the summer. When you rip it, you go to all lengths to patch it, because you love that dress!

I love my niece, I love all my nieces and nephews but this little girl has taught me more than what I had bargained for.

She taught me the meaning of Love…


IMG_2356I see her gorgeous face and I know I want kids someday. I look at her, and I feel the love I have for; my dad, for my best friend, for my favourite dress all at once and a whole lot more. When I had to leave her for the first time, after experienced this type of love, I cried. I wasn’t really sure why I was crying because I had never felt anything this strong before. But when I held her and she looked back at me, with wonder in her eyes as, to why mine were watering, I knew we had a purpose together.

This love I have for her is crazy. If she missed me I would fly from the middle of the Sahara desert to be with her. If we both had the last two cookies on the planet I would give mine to her. If she ever needed the impossible I would find a way to get it for her. Well that’s how I show my love anyway, I would travel long distances immediately, I would give her everything I had and I would protect her when she needed it.

I tell her every time I see her, that I love her, because I feel it to be important that she knows I care about her.

Because I ask people sometimes, when they come to me for advice ‘Have you told them you love them? and I hear it too often, “Oh, they KNOW I love them’


Someone simply knowing you love them isn’t enough. Especially as a child, the reassurance that someone loves you and will always be there for you, can make a huge difference in how they view and show love as an adult. Being told that someone unconditionally loves you, regularly is so important. Because there are times when you may forget and this can remind you that you are safe. The world is a pretty big scary place sometimes, and sometimes a simple “I Love you, you know” can make it shrink down to a size you can dominate again.

Love to me doesn’t mean I would jump in front of a bus for you, if it meant to save your life. Because I would do that for you anyway whether I loved you or not.


Love to me is a feeling, we all have the capability of feeling it. But true love is how much, I want you too know I love you and how much I show it. Because you can love someone but unless they feel it….is it really love?

Just a little thought from Paula Ansell x



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