Fat never tasted so good!

DSC_0047It’s honestly crazy that I’m still hearing this from people. It frustrates me that people still think this way. “I can’t have that, it’ll go straight to my thighs! Don’t you know I’m trying to lose weight!’

Can I just stop you right there! Shut your mouth, open your ears, let me pull out everything you have ever learnt from stupid, STUPID gossip magazines, TV, social media advertisements with stupid skinny girls.

Just like MIB I’m erasing all that from your memory, forget it, its gone. Forget what the previous generation has taught us about fat….look where it has gotten us???? Highest obesity rates ever documented in 1st world countries. Over fed and under nourished because we aren’t eating food, we are eating food like substances with little to no nutrients.

Living Healthy isn’t removing whole food groups from our lives. Yes, I understand some peoples bodies cannot for some reason process some foods (that’s normally a symptom of something else that’s not right in the body, that its trying to deal with). But that’s not what I’m talking about right now. I’m talking about us and our misconception of fat.

I’m gunna clear this up for you. Just because it has the same name as that jiggly stuff that makes your thighs wobble or that little budge hanging over your jeans, doesn’t mean its the same thing. Eating a whole food high in good fats will not make you fat! I almost wish that we could spell it differently like “where” and “wear” because they mean very different things, although sound exactly the same.

Fat is good for you, it is essential for you to lose weight.(there are good and bad fats mind you) I don’t know who the idiot is that said remove an entire nutrient from your diet and it will make you skinny. Skinny = malnourished? Is THAT what you want? to be malnourished? That’s never gunna work long term.
Your body uses fat to transport essential vitamins, to replenish and create important substances in the body. Used properly, whole fats are used to detoxify heavy metals from the body, anyone with mercury fillings should look into this.
Think of fats as building bricks, the better the bricks, the stronger your temple will be, and the longer it will stand strong and protect you from the raging wind and rain, or from disease and sickness in the body.
If you remove fat from your life, you’re only gunna have damaged, half assed, brittle, shitty bricks to build your temple with.

Common sense says if I was gunna build a temple, I would want only the finest quality bricks because I’m gunna live in that temple forever! I’m certainly not putting brittle bricks in my temple walls.

In saying that, don’t go down a kilo of bacon because fat is no longer bad! Bacon…not so good – but your all gunna eat it anyway, just don’t eat a whole lot of it please!!

I’m saying, good fats!! all those yummy wholesome little nuts and seeds full of the most nutritious fats your body could ask for. Almonds, cashews, Brazil nuts, walnuts, pepitas, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, flaxseed.

Avocados, in all their creamy goodness! Avocados should be the main ingredient at any mexican dinner party. Maybe chuck it in a smoothie, make is deliciously creamy? substitute cream with avocado and make vegan chocolate mousse?
Salmon, so so rich in omegas and good fats and helps shine through to your skin, hair and eyes too.
Oils, OMG have people got the wrong idea about oils! Coconut, macadamia, avocado, olive, almond, flax oil, cod liver oil.
All do the most amazing things for your skin and body! for the last 4 years I have lathered coconut oil on my skin morning and night, before and after sun exposure and I have never got burnt…..Never!

Perfect example the other day I went for a wee jog along the beach, forgot to put coconut oil on. Took my shirt off, cos it was like 500 degrees and it felt appropriate to be half nakie on the beach and I got burnt! Lathered that stuff on my burn later and boom….about 6 hours later, I was as good as new.

Also with fat also comes fibre, all of those good amino acids have probably gotta pretty rich in fibre too…dunno if you know, but fibre makes you poo. Pooing is good, someone told me the other day they hadn’t poo-ed in 2 weeks…this is not funny. Nor is this ok! You need to get that shit moving, literally. It helps you cleanse, how do you expect all those toxins and excess body fat to get out of your body? you poop it out.

I can go on for hours on how totally misled we all have been bout fat, but I feel this is long enough. I’m not pointing the finger either. I, Myself used to cook a good quality steak dry – no oil because I was afraid the fat content in the olive oil, being pure, would make me fat?? Such an idiot.  So I know, trust me! I know all the thoughts going through your head. But push past them and enjoy natures fatty goodness.

Learn to love fat, instead of scampering under your bed in fear of it!

Remember nature grows it, because you need it to survive.
Any time you wanna thank her, I’m sure she would appreciate it!

Written by Paula Ansell


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