It must of been something I ate..?

‘Its people like you who have allergies to everything, that allow people like me to eat whatever I want’
Now most of these blog posts come from a recent conversation, with someone in my life. Someone that has ticked off that little monkey in my head. She jumps up and down, doing back flips and smashing everything with her lil monkey hands, in protest of what she’s just heard.

Most of the time I can calm her, and keep the rages at bay. But I’m sorry, the sheer ignorance of this one had me seeing red and typing fast!


When I was 21 I ate whatever I wanted too, meaning whatever I could afford.

Sometimes that was mi goreng, white bread and tinned tuna along with a pack of smokes. Sometimes it was bacon, burgers and eggs benny. I also drank solidly, every night for about 3 years. I could digest anything  that was put in-front of me.
Do I regret it?? Nope not at all, I was traveling, that’s what we did, I had an amazing time, lots of stories.

Although I wish, that I had of thought twice about what I put in my body, and took a different attitude towards it.

Maybe it would have made things a little easier to handle now at 27.
I fully believed that my lifestyle wouldn’t affect my future health. Cos I am gunna be young and beautiful forever, right???
Wrong! as soon as I hit 25 I was intolerant or allergic to every god damn thing that I had survived on for the last 6 years.
Which was a clear sign that my body had finally said ‘ALRIGHT THAT IS ENOUGH!!”.

I wasn’t born like this! I never used to be intolerant to everything!!! this happened over time and years and years of abuse and neglect.
I hear the words, “you know what? if I wanna eat bacon, I’m gunna eat bacon, because I can eat bacon. I’m not fat and I can’t get fat”.

But guess what, you can! and you will! If not fat, your body will soon change to be a whole lot less appealing to you. Soon enough your body will frump, you’ll have saggy bits where there wasn’t ever a saggy bit before. Your eyes will become hazy and colour won’t be as clear as they were when you were 21. Your energy won’t be bouncing all over the dance floor, anymore. Your skin will become dull and old, your hair will be dry and lifeless. You’ll be sick all the time. Catching every flu and visiting the Doctor more times than anyone wants. Wasting your money on prescriptions to mask your symptoms of early onset of disease or worse ‘Cancer’.

You will wonder with sadness, what ever happened? I thought I was indestructible??Life sucks who did this to me?? YOU did this too you!
This happens, this is called life. You can only do your best in your late 20’s to fix, what you so arrogantly neglected in your early 20s.

If I had a few words of advice for 21 year old me….

Spend that $40 you got on food for the week on produce, it will last you longer it will actually fill you up, and satisfy you and there is nothing more attractive and inspiring that someone who looks after themselves.

These days the weekly budget on food is a little more forgiving and at most probably 1000 times more important than my budget for alcohol.
But only because I see the value in it, I see the value in eating for nutrition because I feel alive when I eat the foods my body loves. Whole foods! Real food, nothing special just food.

At 23 your body is a timeless machine it will work 70 hours a week without breaking a sweat. It will party for months on end with no sleep and hang overs will evade you. It can consume nothing but pasta, pies, beer and burgers for months or even years, no problems and you will still have a flat stomach. But believe me, it can absolutely happen to you! Unless you do something to prevent it. If you had a chance to prevent global warming 10 years prior to it actually being a reality? would you? I would because I’m living the effect of neglect and I probably will until I fix this and it could take almost as long as what it took me to get to this point.

Moral of the story your health isn’t forever unless you cherish it! Today I can climb mountains, and tomorrow I will be able to too because I trust now my body gets what it needs.

Nourish and your prime will last far longer than your time.

DSC_0023_1024Written By Paula xx


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