‘Gone Travellin’ to ‘Find Myself’

IMG_2270Once upon a time, I sat at this very spot and pondered a mission across the globe to ‘find myself’ as most travelers do. A mission to find my calling, my partner in crime(myself), my destiny, my purpose in this life. Because we are all just a little bit lost and confused at 20 aren’t we?

15 countries and 9 years later I discovered something…

1.I still have and currently am wearing that blue dress, I bought 9 years ago.


2. Boys, the opposite sex will come and go no matter how much, you cared for each other at one point in your lives. You will not ‘find yourself’ in another person!

3. Life isn’t about this quest to find yourself, YOU ARE NOT LOST! the real you isn’t just hanging in a hammock, sipping Mai Tais on the other side of the world, giggling, playing ‘catch me if you can’.

The real you is with you right now! They always have been. The quest through this epic life is about, creating someone you find so uniquely lovable. So much so, that you couldn’t imagine spending the rest of your days with anyone but YOURSELF.

Home is where the heart is, literally….

Written By Paula Ansell




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