A long story, cut short.

DSC_0523A lot can happen in a year, a month, a week, a day, an hour.
A lot can happen in a minute, you can lose a job, a dog, a car, a friend, a life in a minute.

Life is short, so short sometimes you lose track of how short it actually is. We can become so caught up in everyday things that we forget to live, like we might not make it to tomorrow. Sometimes a week has gone by, and I have to seriously think what have I done this week that has made me feel alive, and really got my adrenaline going. Am I following my dreams?
Whats scared the shit out of me today? What have I done that’s new or exciting recently? What have I done to better myself as a human being?
If my heart was to stop tomorrow, would I be OK with the life I have lived up until this point?

Recent sudden tragic events has sent emotions soaring and a whole lot of thoughts through my head about life. If something was to happen to me at this moment, am I OK with who I am? with what I’ve accomplished in life? have I told that special someone how I feel and have always felt? Does my family know how much I love them? Have I held myself back from achieving my dreams, believing I had more time to achieve them? would I be satisfied with the life I have created for myself?

It just doesn’t sit right with me to think about being ‘satisfied’ with life.
Life shouldn’t be satiating, it is exhilarating, it is an adventure, it should be devious and cunning, with unexpected turns and close calls. Sometimes its not. But it can be, and it should. Some are doing it right, some people are doing it wrong, and the others are doing it the only way they know how.

Create a life you would have been proud of. Because if you want one, you need to go and get it. Never let someone else determine your direction in life. Trust yourself. Always take the chance. Never give up. If you want something, its already yours. Say what people need to hear, not what they want to hear, it may just save them. LOVE like you’ve a heart of steal. Take a month off. Forgive someone that wronged you, they were weak. Explore whats on the other side of the mountain, because you have never been there, maybe no one has. When you see something truly beautiful, stop and admire its beauty for a long while.

Live in the complete now and all its elements. Sit and feel the grass without a thought in your head, except how soft the grass is.
Swim in the ocean and feel the water, hydrating your skin. Stand on top of that mountain and just be exactly there. Don’t take a photo, you’ll miss it. Just be exactly where you are. Take a breath and feel it fill your lungs and oxygenate your cells and provide you with life.

Because tomorrow you may not be able to do that, and if that does happen. Are you ‘satisfied’ you’re doing enough, to make the most out of the life you’ve been so generously given?

If the answer is no, then do something to change that, because tomorrow you may not have the chance.

On a last word of peace. Next time you leave someone, whether you see them daily, weekly or seasonally, say ‘goodbye I love you’ and hug them and really mean it. Don’t assume you will see them again soon. Because it may be them…or you that leaves us for good.

RIP McGazza

Written By Paula Ansell



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