Detoxification, such an interesting word meaning the process of removing toxic substances or to cleanse the carrier of toxins.

Some would believe a 10 day detox will rid their bodies of all its health problems and all those extra kilos will magically disappear, my eyes will be clear and bright, my skin beautiful and dark like a greak goddess, my hair shiny and beautiful, all of my health and beauty problems will be solved! If I consume only juice and tea for ten days. For some yes this is true. But for others, their bodies being so riddled with toxins over the years, a 10 day detox simply will not suffice, especially if you continue your regular everyday lifestyle to follow a detox.

To truly achieve a clean fully functioning body free of your everyday toxins such as gas fumes, second hand smoke, smoke, chemicals in cleaning products in your home, skin care products on your skin and OUR FOOD which we shove into our bodies without a second thought! Believe it or not our food is riddled with toxins and chemicals, you must live a detoxifying LIFESTYLE!

I personally have been through it all. Fighting this, what seems to be an ongoing battle with my health, I’ve got intolerance to many foods, weight problems, self acceptance issues and soooo much more. The only thing that has ever taken my mind off these toxic thoughts is by taking a long term approach to food and hoping for the best (and journally you can find my article on journaling on this blog soon)

Choosing the right foods and really listening to what your body wants and believe it, when you ask, it actually will tell you what it needs.

For a lifetime detox here a few points you should take on in your life;

  1. Choose Organic produce

Its funny whenever organic comes up in conversation, listening to peoples ‘you can’t even tell the difference’ attitude towards it.

But I beg you, try eating only organic produce for 2 weeks, then go back to eating pesticide and chemical laden produce.

Wholey shit will you be able to tell the difference! Strawberries! what sold me were strawberries. Organic strawberries are juicy, like strawberries all over your hands, face, shirt, hair juicy! They explode with delicious strawberry goodness.

Then I would happily love to watch you eat a non-organic strawberry and reluctantly have you spit it all over MY face, scraping your tongue like you’ve just eaten poison(lets be honest you have!) and start crying like you might just die, while screaming for another organic strawberry to rid your mouth of that horrifying taste of chemicals.

2. Food with ingredients is not food.

You should do your shopping in the produce section of the grocery store, every thing you should eat is around the outside of the grocery store, all four walls! No Isles! Limit your packaging! If you have to buy packaged food, read the ingredients if you can’t pronounce it, you probably shouldn’t eat it! Not to mention you are also helping detoxify our beautiful planet too!

Having said that, I haven’t stepped foot into a grocery store in months, unless it has been absolutely necessary and I have no other option. Even then I wouldn’t go around the outside I would go down the isles because I need tinned coconut milk or toilet paper, that is all! I do my shopping at the local farmers markets (always be sure to ask if they are organic, don’t just assume), the cute little fruit shop at the end of the street or a fruit stall on the side of the road. This is my choice you don’t have to do this, but if you could support your local farmer for trying to make a difference to your life, why wouldn’t you?

3. Eat more herbs

Things like parsley, coriander(cilantro), mint, chocolate mint, Chives, basil, thyme, rosemary. Get these herbs into you! many of them have detoxifying properties, like coriander has an amazing gift of helping to draw out heavy metals from your body. Parsley also has cleansing properties. Mint, toothpaste isn’t conveniently mint flavored for no reason…its a natural breath freshener.

How can I get these into my life? Don’t just mung down on some parsley cos “its detoxifing” you are not going to stick to that for long.

Make a salad, instead of boring lettuce, use a mixture of chopped spinach, parsley, corriander and mint as your base.

Chuck some mint and parsley in a smoothie in the afternoon for a natural pick me up, with some pineapple, coconut water and lime. Then try tell me you need a 3pm nap!

4. Drink Tea

I say this because if you cant get fresh herbs, dried ones are just as good if not better! Easier to consume by far! I don’t just mean drink a green tea here and there, green tea is actually caffeinated which will not help detoxification unless it is the De-caffinated kind.

But there are so many other kinds of teas to help with detoxification that actually taste awesome and will help cleanse all your organs throughout the day! I think loose leaf is best and I make a batch of about 2 litres a day and sip on it, then normally end up sculling it before I reach lunch time because its so yummy. But just chuck a batch in your water bottle that you’ve brewed and chilled the night before and off you go.

You’d be surprised at how different types of teas have so many different health properties to them, natures gift! use them! Do some research or ask me!

But also remember when looking for a good tea (if you cant get organic loose leaf) read the ingredients, if it says Licorice flavor or peppermint ‘flavor’ NOT tea…move on.

5. Don’t bite off more than you can chew

Start small and keep it simple stupid! Start at the bottom and work your way up to ultimate health. ROME WASN’T BUILT IN A DAY but you can certainly start in a day and what better day then today. Make it achievable, start with one meal a day, make it super cleansing and healthy but make it taste good, so you look forward to that meal and then you start wanting more of those yummy organic, fresh, cleansing meals because they make you feel damn good!

Before you know it your skin is glowing, your eyes are bright, your hair shines and all your friends are asking you what you been doing? ohhhh you know just living with a smile.If your clean on the inside it will show on the outside.

Because healthy and clean isn’t a diet or a 10 day detox, its a damn lifestyle, its forever. But also love the days when clean, comes in the form of vodka and gin, and  you are gunna fill your belly with it, till you puke with your friends, because you want to and then your gunna eat a whole bag of chips because they taste a thousand times better when you’re drunk but that’s ok. I understand you have a life, I also understand the importance of balance in life. Its not the end of the world and the very next day I bet you’re blending up the meanest elixir of a smoothie to combat that horrendous hangover because guess what You’re a person not a robot, have a life!


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