About me

14590306_10155294937673858_3462838506581315256_nLife for me, is about good wholesome and nutritious food. Looking after yourself and being kind to others.

From as early as I can remember, I would eagerly await our weekly visits to the Natural Food Store (our local was Kunara) just to get some dark chocolate covered almonds or some carob. Stare at all the nuts and grains, and google my eyes at all the beautiful luscious organic fruit & vegetables.

As I grew up my love for food was pushed to the side by chasing boys around the world, partying and exploring crazy unknown places. Deep down I felt I’d lost a part of myself, without ever having really found it in the first place. I didn’t know who I was or what I was going do with my life. I had never actually stayed in one place for more than 6 months, how could I even know who I was or what made me happy if everything around me, changed so frequently. I found myself morphing into whatever I felt suited my surroundings at the time. I aimlessly traveled solo, for a large amount of my 20’s.

Early in the Summer of 2014 I received news from home that my Dad had been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. I returned home shortly after.

11220815_10153453305661159_3163334841553623269_nEverything I knew of myself began to change and evolve. I started learning about health and all the ways cancer grows and how to stop/prevent it naturally. The real Paula was starting to show her colours and follow her path in this life. I couldn’t stop! The information was endless and so juicy! I loved it. My sister was a  huge help in building the foundation around food, Superfoods and Chocolate. She has her own Gluten Free Cakes business called Chocolate Provisions.  The inspiration started there and ended with me in Powell River, starting my own business Just Soul Food making, Raw – Vegan – Gluten Free – Sugar Free – Organic Treats and Chocolate! And sharing them with the world, so that more of us can make the change to a happier healthier life.

Looking back on it now, this was always what I was meant to do. This is what I was put here for. It all happened the way it should and everything happens for a reason.

I am forever grateful I found My passion and that it was in me all along. I found that thing that doesn’t feel like work, but more like a project I can’t wait to show the class. It kicks that creative flare in me alive and has time flying by with a smile. The end result is a masterpiece full of Love. I call it Just Soul Food.

p.s Dad is still alive and kicking….healthier than ever.12671609_10154091276641159_6393644554157278057_o





3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Paula! Indeed this is your calling 🙂 thanks for sharing your story and making others (aka myself, haha) feel less awkward/off track in their lives! It will all be good in the end.
    Keep on shining that light!


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